The hidden value of meaningful information buried within large volumes of data has lately been the subject of a comprehensive series of products and tools. Big Data solutions promise to harness the power of steadily increasing information generated by sensors, humans, electronic devices and computing systems.

There are several key challenges in achieving this goal. The sheer volume of large data sets. Their diverse structure and formats. The discovery of ways to extract added value and actionable insights. And the way to provide access to the right people that will turn those insights into impactful decisions. There are also the oftentimes tedious tasks of collecting, harmonizing, wrangling, storing, processing, and analyzing data.

Our Analytics solutions are aimed at overcoming these challenges and augmenting your data intelligence. The data platforms and services in our Analytics portfolio empower knowledge workers, from data scientists to operational users, to act within their context. Our Big Data and Analytics solutions are lined along the following dimensions.

Data Wrangling
Data Preparation

TIBCO Fast Data platform simplifies big data integration with graphical tools and wizards, so you can start working with solutions such as Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark, moving your big data stores away from legacy Data Warehouses, into state-of-the-art Data Lakes.

Data Visualization

From intuitive and meaningful visualizations to big data and predictive analytics, TIBCO Spotfire instantly provides users with answers and the ability to share them with peers - and ultimately act on the insights found.

Reporting & Dashboards

Many of your users need immediate access to analytics at the exact place and time when a decision needs to be made, for example, within key applications. TIBCO Jaspersoft allows developers to bring the power of analytics to any application.


Data Fusion Platforms

Back-end infrastructure for integrating, managing, and securing data of any kind, from any source, at massive scale. The Data Warehouses of the past are evolving to today's Hadoop based Data Lakes.


Powered by Apache Hadoop, Cloudera is the fastest, easiest, and most secure modern data platform. From analytics to data science, anyone can now get results from any data and across any environment - all within a single, scalable platform.

TIBCO Spotfire Data Wrangling and Preparation

However you prepare data, once you see it there are new things to fix, change, and analyze. Why not fix your data interactively while you perform your analysis, eliminating back and forth between tools? Inline Data Wrangling is here.

Big Data

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Try visual analytics tools that help you reach your goals safely and swiftly.

Analytics Applications

Tools with intuitive user interfaces that enable people to interact smoothly with data, ask better questions, and make better decisions.

TIBCO Spotfire

Assemble and explore your data sets quickly, uncover insights, and craft gorgeous analytic apps to be published on any device within your enterprise. Yesterday's Business Intelligence transformed into self-service Visual Analytics.

TIBCO Jaspersoft

Embed data intelligence seamlessly into your internal or commercial business processes and applications.

Streaming Analytics

Deploy analytics solutions quickly and react to real time data signals as they arrive. TIBCO Streambase combines real-time connectivity with the presentation tools found in analytics to identify and react on triggering events, such as short-lived opportunities.

Your Benefits

  • A Visual Analytics team consisting of a balanced mix of data scientists and domain experts
  • Extensive experience in integrating heterogenous data sources and systems
  • Increased speed of deployment, avoiding the lengthy and costly lifecycle of Data Warehouse development
  • Empowering of business users to create data processing applications without engaging precious IT resources